Net Worth Update - December 2011

December wasn’t a great month, but that was mainly due to the fact that I finally got a chance to be a home and recalculate my debt that I owe. This change should’ve been reflected back in October but I’ve been working a whole lot and haven’t had much time at home. So it just now got added on. If you take out the change in debt I would’ve had around a $5,500 increase in net worth. I’m excited to see that my assets are well into the $100,000’s.

Current Assets: $110,758.39
Current Liquid Assets: $ 96,188.39
Current Debts: -$41,994.94

My savings rate from my take home pay for Decemnet worthber was 80.65%, including the extra debt payments that I made. This was my highest of the year.
YTD my net worth has increased $67,489.11. I’m excited with the progress that I’ve made and am looking forward to what 2012 will bring. All my investments, both taxable and tax-sheltered, are currently at $63,552.55 and will hopefully see a large increase again in 2012. They should increase by around $35,000 in 2012 with maxing out my 401k, my Roth IRA and beginning a Roth IRA for my fiancé. YTD my net worth increased 5,296%, of course starting with a small negative number really helped. I don’t expect to see huge monthly % gains from now on but as long as it’s positive it’s moving in the right direction. I’ll be getting married in June so unfortunately that will be drawing down my savings but the good thing is that we won’t be going into any debt to pay for the wedding. The good thing about having the money saved up for the wedding is that I can charge all costs to my credit card and get points/miles to help with either getting extra cash back or to get some extra miles to go towards our honeymoon.
2012 will be an exciting year with my high interest debt being paid off. I'll keep updating on my progress and hopefully everyone else sees moves in the right direction.