Selling Covered Calls to add income

I've been searching through the plan documents but haven't been able to find whether or not I can do this with my ESPP through my employer. I'll know for sure come around the middle of January. If I can sell covered calls then it will be a great way to get extra income on those shares to help fund further purchases. I'll be getting approximately 180 shares that will hopefully not be called away from me and I can continue writing covered calls. I get a 15% discount on the shares which will be bought at $29.33. I'm researching the calls to write that would give me the best reward for the risk of the stock taking off. Just for some background I work for Halliburton and oil services stocks could easily go on a tear and jump above the strike price which won't be horrible but would just possibly limit some profit. With the 15% discount I can see some big gains should the options be exercised. I'll be targeting around $100 in income per month from the options that I write. If I am able to write the calls on the ESPP shares then I will be able to fuel an extra $1000+ in purchases for this year. I would highly recommend this option for anyone that can participate in an ESPP to get shares at a discount and is allowed to do sell options in their plan.