Dividend Increases

I know these are a little old news but they happened over last week while I was distracted with getting to spend time with Lynsy. It was a nice break to get to take a week off from checking through financial information on different companies.

Wells Fargo announced that it will pay an additional $0.10 per share on top of the $0.12 that it's already paid for the first quarter of 2012 and will keep the rate at $0.22 per share per quarter. This is right in line with where I was expecting the dividend to be increased to when I originally purchased the stock. This brings the new annual rate to $0.88 from $0.48, a increase of 83%.

JP Morgan Chase announced earlier this month that it will increase it's quarterly dividend to $0.30 from $0.25 per share. This brings the annual dividend up to $1.20 per share. That's a 20% increase in the dividend.

Dividend Increases
SymbolPrevious Quarterly DividendCurrent Quarterly DividendCurrent Annual DividendOld YOCNew YOC

*Held in Roth IRA

My Brokerage portfolio's YOC increased from 2.38% to 2.41% and my ROTH IRA portfolio's YOC increased from 2.86% to 3.44%.