Net Worth Update - February 2012

February was another great month for my net worth. I had my third $10k+ positive move. Almost half of that was due to my employer's profit sharing hitting my 401k account. Another big chunk was from debt payment. It's good to see that number going down more and more each month. It's one step closer to not having to commit any money towards that and to put it to better use through savings.

I was double checking my formulas in my spreadsheet and noticed that I was counting my 401k and Rollover IRA as liquid assets. Which I guess technically they would be but at huge penalties. That change will be reflected in this month's update.

Current Assets: $125,183.45
Curent Liquid Assets: $50,471.88
Current Debts: -$35,120.70
Net Worth: $90,062.75

My savings rate for February was 73.09% from my take home pay. As usual this doesn't include my 401k contributions. I might start keeping track of savings off of net pay just to see where I stand on that front.

YTD my net worth has increased 30.97% for a total of $21,299.30. It'll be fun to see when exactly I can get my net worth to break the $100k mark. I think April or May will bring that about.