Income Update - February 2012

February was right in line with most of my other months as far as expenses go. I'll start seeing the decrease in our cable bill since we dropped cable down to the most basic and have increased our internet speed and signed up with Netflix. This will save me around $40 a month so at least I'll have that to help bring my expenses down. I'm getting frustrated that I haven't made much progress on decreasing my expenses more. My total food budget unfortunately went right back up to my average for last year. I know part of the reason is because we went out to eat more than usual this month. The other main reason it went back up is because I was home more this month than usual. And whenever I'm home I try and pick up lots of groceries to help Lynsy out. Overall it was still a pretty good month. I brought home $6,464.06 in February and was able to save or use as debt payment 73.09% of my income.