Net Worth Update - August 2012

August was another great month for my net worth with almost a $7,900 increase.  Over half of that came from after tax savings with the rest from my 401k and ESPP withholdings and the change in market values.  For the month I contributed just over $1,200 to my 401k and another $650 to my ESPP.  My after-tax savings amounted to just over $4,600.

Current Assets: $135,836.17
Curent Liquid Assets: $49,124.07
Current Debts: -$16,975.43
Net Worth: $118,860.74

I have a chance to reach $150k by the end of the year for my net worth.  In order to do that I have to average a $7,784.82 monthly increase starting in September.  It's definitely possible but will be highly dependent on the amount that I work and the markets cooperating.  My savings rate for August was 74.05% which is great considering that I overshot my budget and spent $100 more than I was planning on.  I was gone for so long that I wanted to treat my wife to a few dinners out and that led to me going over my restaurant budget.

My emergency fund currently sits at $8,763.02 which cover 6.14 months of my average minimum expenses for the year.

YTD my net worth has increased 72.85%.  For the month, my net worth increased 7.08%.