Weekly Roundup - September 29, 2012

And yet another week has gone by.  It's been a slow week for the blog and for the FI portfolio with only 20 shares of NSC being added.  I was close to making another purchase yesterday morning but by the time I got to my computer to see how the markets were doing the early morning dip in price had already recovered.  Now, on to the links.

The most challenging aspect of dividend investing - Dividend Growth Investor wrote a great article on the psychology of dividend growth investing.

Your Savings Rate Trumps Your Investment Returns - Dividend Mantra's piece on why focusing on what you can control, such as your savings rate, is so important.  It is especially important for those that are set on retiring early.

Signed up for Lending Club - Compounding Income recently joined the Lending Club, an online micro-loan website.  If I could join I would because I like the idea and worst case scenario you helped someone out.

The Work Hard, Play Hard Lifestyle is for Chumps - Retire by 40's post about why he is anti-"Work hard, play hard".  I totally agree.  I'm in the work hard so I can work less and live more later.

New Purchase - Norfolk Southern (NSC) - All About Interest joined the club of fellow bloggers picking up some shares of NSC.

My Favorites Trigger Signals - My Journey to Millions had a guest post from The Dividend Guy about what convinces him that it's time to buy.

If You Build It, Capital Appreciation will Come - Another great article from Eli over on Seeking Alpha.  I really like his writing style and straight-forward approach.  I just hope to be able to keep track of some of these peoples years down the line to see the progress they've made.


  1. PIP,

    Thanks for including me in your roundup.

    I also hope to keep up with fellow bloggers and writers as the years go by to track progress and cheer everyone on.

    Best wishes.

  2. No problem DM.

    I certainly hope to be able to keep up to date on everyone. Although hopefully once I reach FI I won't be updating as much because I have time to actually do what I want. Although I'll still get at least a monthly check in.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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