Recent Buy

This morning I purchased another 40 shares of Harris Corp (HRS).  I purchased these shares for $46.24 each plus commission.  My cost basis ended up being $46.44 which now brings my total cost basis in Harris to $46.84.  I was able to purchase the shares at a 1.7% discount to my previous cost basis.  These shares will add an additional $59.20 in annual dividends before reinvestment or further dividend increases.  I will also receive a total of $29.60 in dividends from HRS this year which will help out the total dividends for the year.  The YOC for the new shares is 3.19% and brought the YOC for the position in HRS up to 3.16% from 3.13%.
The new shares brought my total YOC for my portfolio up to 2.48% from 2.44% and my non-ESPP share YOC increased to 3.02% from 3.01%.  It's great to see my non-ESPP YOC back over the 3% mark.  Now I need to work on getting the overall YOC higher.  My plan is to sell off some of my ESPP shares early next year unless there is a huge market run-up between now and the end of the year.  That way I can invest that money in dividend growth companies plus get some of my wealth away from being tied to my employer.

Unfortunately with it looking like the INTC Sept $25 put probably going to be executed and now with today's purchase I'm sitting on about 5.25% cash which is lower than what I'd like it to be right now with a potentially volatile month just kicking off.