Weekly Roundup - September 8, 2012

I figured that I would start a Weekly Roundup of my own for posts that I read from other dividend growth and personal finance blogs that got me thinking.  Here's this week's posts.

The Next Bubble is in Canada, and It Will Affect Everybody
The Dividend Guy had a great post about the potential debt bubble forming in Canada.  It's eerily similar to how the US personal debt/income issues led us into the financial crisis and has only gotten worse there.

Appreciating The Small Steps Of Dividend Growth Investing
Dividend Growth Machine had another great article outlining dividend growth investing and compound income in general.  His main point is to focus on the end result and to not get discouraged by the slow beginning.

How to retire with dividend stocks
Speaking of staying focused on the end result, Dividend Growth Investor posted about how to retire with dividend stocks.  It's not a get rich quick scheme by any means, but it is one of the most stable ways to generate solid returns.

Money Down the Drain: Water Conservation and Your Wallet
The Simple Dollar wrote about conserving water in your house and how just a few little changes can save you money.  And just think of what that money could turn into if you invest it.

Smuckers Looks Fairly Priced
Dividend Monk ran the J.M. Smucker Company through a stock analysis and determined it was fairly valued.  Check out the post to see his reasonings.

Dividend Income Update - August 2012
We finally got a dividend income update from Dividend Mantra.  I'm glad to see that he's back from his summer hiatus and posting again.  His blog was a big inspiration for me to start mine.


  1. Great roundup!

    Thanks for including me. I appreciate the mention!

    I'm glad to be back posting again. I felt a little lost being away from the blog. I'm glad that my blog served as some inspiration for you. That is the main reason I do what I do.

    Best wishes and have a great weekend!

    1. DM,

      Its great to help inspire other people and even better when a community forms because it allows everyone to stay motivated and learn more.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the mention! That's a nice selection of material to read.

    1. DGM,

      No problem. I like to do what you mentioned in the article and compare my dividend income to what expenses it could have covered. I also really liked your post on selective dividend reinvestment. Once I can get my dividends higher on a monthly basis I'll definitely be plowing them into selected companies and not just straight reinvesting.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


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