Weekly Roundup - March 30, 2013

Where has the first 3 months of this year gone?  Seems like just yesterday I was having to get used to writing 2013 instead of 2012 and now one quarter of the year is almost done.  This past week was pretty good.  Work went really smooth although I wouldn't have minded a shakeup in the markets.  My wife was off for Thursday and Friday and so she came down to visit me.  It was great getting to spend time with her and just reinforced my drive for reaching financial independence.

Thanks to everyone that mentioned Passive Income Pursuit this past week!

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Now on to the links.

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Stock Analysis

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Some interesting search terms from this past week.

"Are debt payment expenses related to passive"...If you're paying the debts no, if you're receiving the payments then yes.

"Financial independence in 8 years"...That's a great goal to shoot for and I'm hoping that's my backup plan.

"Passive income ideas 2013 cooking ideas for college students"...Kind of an odd combination there.

"Why companies hate dividend cuts"...I do too.

I actually had several searches that were along the lines of "professionals who analyze (insert stock here".  I wouldn't consider myself anything close to a professional, but it's nice that it's generating traffic here.

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  1. Thanks for the mention JC! Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  2. W2R,

    Unfortunately I'll still be on the hamster wheel this weekend. The oilfield doesn't take any breaks. While it's hard to see my wife leave, it was great to spend some time with her. Have a great weekend yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. PIP, thanks a lot for the mention!! Happy Easter!

  4. I also agree how much having a healthy lifestyle affects your wealth. It all comes from the mind; therefore a wealthy body has to come from a rich mind.Strategies wealth building


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