Weekly Roundup - December 21, 2013

We're down to just 4 more shopping days until Christmas, so you better get on out there if you haven't bought everything yet.  It's looking more and more like I'll be home for Christmas, which is just awesome.  If I'm home for Christmas this year it'll somehow be 3 of 4 Christmas's and 2 of 4 Thanksgivings.  Considering that's just from complete luck as the timing of wells/jobs has worked out, but I'll take luck any day of the week, especially near the holidays.  I'm looking forward to getting to spend time with my family most of all, as that's one of the big reasons that I'm striving for financial independence at such a young age.  I know we'll all be busy over the next week and a half, so Merry Christmas and I hope you get to spend the holidays with your friends and loved ones.

There wasn't much in the form of investing news this week, although I finally got the time to write up a post about some option transactions that I had made last week.  I did get another stock analysis report written up on Church & Dwight Company (CHD).  In case you don't know, they're a mid-cap consumer staples company and while you might not know some of their brands off hand just to name a few are Arm & Hammer, OxiClean, Spinbrush, and Trojan.

One very interesting thing I found this week came from a post by Dividend Growth Investor.  He mentioned Loyal3 and it really intrigued me.  Loyal3 offers a way to purchase stocks for no fee and with at little as $10.  That's right, you can buy partial shares in companies.  They have a limited selection of companies, but just to name some of the dividend growth companies on board there's Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper-Snapple, McDonald's, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Starbucks, Target, VF Corporation, and Wal-mart.  And of the bonuses to Loyal3 is that you can purchase the stocks using your credit card and earn your rewards.  Obviously this will only work out well for those that can be responsible with credit cards and pay off the bill every month, but it could be an interesting way to both earn rewards and DCA into some great companies.  Definitely something to look further into.

I'd like to say thanks again to Kanwal from Simply Investing for letting me review his Simply Investing Course and to let me give out one Value package of his course to a lucky reader.  If you haven't done so already, either comment or use the contact form on the right side of the page to let me know your name, why you 'd like the course, and what your goals are.  The deadline is tonight at midnight.  All entries will be accepted and the winner will be selected at random.

Thanks again to everyone that stopped by, commented, or shared posts from Passive-Income-Pursuit this past week.  I appreciate all of your support and you all continue to inspire, motivate, and teach me.

Now on to the links!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend!


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    1. I second the thanks for including me in the post.

      I also think Loyal3 is a great way for beginner investors who do not have a lot of cash to invest every month. They have plenty of established companies to invest through there (over 50 right now).

      Good Luck!

    2. Loyal3 sounds awesome and I might start dabbling a bit with it to see exactly how it works. I think it's a pretty solid way for just about anyone to invest some extra capital, but especially beginners. There's several companies on there that you can easily purchase and get a well diversified portfolio. And the credit card rewards are just a nice little bonus.

  2. My shopping mall is amazon :-)
    I hate those huge crowds in a small place.

    Some things, you have to touch and feel - then you have to go to the town and jump into the shopping mall.
    But the rest (80-90%) - I have a cup of coffee on my table and the computer shows me a lot of online shops ;-)

    Happy holidays and have a nice christmas!

    1. I do like Amazon but once a year... I go out to shop in a multi-level mall. Can't stand shopping there normally but its a Christmas tradition for me lol. Somehow I don't mind the crowds.

    2. @D-S - I know what you mean. I try to do the bulk of my shopping through Amazon or very early in the shopping season. I can't stand having to go to the malls or major shopping centers though once it gets to the last week. What would normally be a 30-45 min trip including driving and shopping time turns into 2-3 hours. It's ridiculous.

      @PullingMyselfUp - I'm okay going for a little bit, but after too long everything just starts to get on my nerves. I guess the aggravation starts as I'm nearing the mall since the traffic is always so bad. I don't know about where you're at, but the malls here are not designed to handle the traffic from the flood of Christmas shoppers. Which doesn't seem that smart considering that's when retailers make the bulk of their money, so there's obviously going to be a lot of people.

  3. Thanks for the mention! Hope they'll send you on home for the holidays!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Luckily it worked out perfectly and I came home on the 23rd and will be home through the rest of today and hopefully tomorrow as well. Merry Christmas and enjoy the time with your family and friends!

  4. Pursuit,

    Thanks for the inclusion!

    I hope you're able to see the family for Christmas. The holidays just aren't the same if you can't spend it with loved ones. I hope things work out just right for you.

    Merry Christmas!

    Best wishes.


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