Visa Inc.: Cash Is King, But Credit's Good Too

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Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) is a wonderful company that few can argue about its quality as a company. The business model is excellent. Just charge merchants a percentage of every transaction with no liability for the customers' ability to pay. It's essentially a financial toll road that has excellent growth prospects moving forward.

I initiated a position in the company in August 2013 and have been more than pleased with the results as they are the 5th best performer in my portfolio as judged by internal rate of return. In that time I've received a dividend return of 1.60% and share price appreciation of 48.05%. That's good for a total return of 49.65% with an internal rate of return of 22.49%. As a dividend growth investor the even better news is that the dividend has been increased by 69.70% since I initiated the position.

Visa is a Dividend Challenger with 8 consecutive years of dividend growth. At a price of $71.56 the current yield is 0.78%.

However, that's what it's done for me in the past and has no bearing on the future. Is there any value in the shares at the current prices?

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  1. JC,

    I liked the read over at SA. V is an excellent stock, I like the forced will of their 'no debt, no hassle' situation. I am not long V, perhaps I am foolishly waiting for a better entry yield, but I am long Discover (DFS). If anything card and financial services companies like these provide will only grow stronger over time. Sure there are tons of new products out there like PayPal and Apple pay, but is is no stretch of the imagination that people will move to use those and other new services in conjunction with, not apart from, V and DFS (and all other friends). Thanks for the analysis.

    - Gremlin

    1. Gremlin,

      I'm a huge fan of V and it's one of my highest conviction high growth long term winners. The starting yield isn't impressive but I fully expect the growth of the company and the dividend to be above 10% for quite some time. Great cash generation, high free cash flows, low capex requirements are all great things for V over the long term.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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