BlackRock: Capitalizing On The Whims Of Investors

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BlackRock (BLK) is a leader in the asset management space with over $9 T in assets which is an astronomically large number.

Since most people are employees rather than business owners that means that the majority of people will need to save money from their income to be able to invest in the stock market. With the rise of passive index investing as well as specialized ETF investing such as specific sector ETFs, ESG, foreign and domestic ETFs and just about any other breakdown imaginable.

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BlackRock's shares have pulled back 8.2% since late August, compared to the S&P 500 SPDR's (SPY) 2.6% decline, which made me want to take a look at the company again to see how the market valuation compares to my own valuation and possibly add more shares to my growing stake.

Dividend History

One of the things I look for when investing my savings is businesses that have a history of paying and growing their dividend payment. The reason for doing that is that I believe it helps to shrink down the investment universe into potentially higher quality companies.

BlackRock Dividend HistoryImage Source: Author; Data Source: BlackRock Investor Relations

BlackRock has raised their annual dividend payment for 12 consecutive years which gives them the title of Dividend Contender. Prior to that BlackRock had amassed a 6-year streak beginning in 2003 which ended in 2009 with no raise being announced. Considering all that was going on in the financial world at the time I would consider that a win. That puts their streak of paying the same or higher dividend payment at 18 years.

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