Recent Buy

Today I purchased 35 shares of Emerson Electric Company (EMR) at a price of $44.63 per share. According to my Stock Analysis, Emerson's fair value is around $53.28. At $44.63 I was able to get the shares for just over 16% of a discount. My YOC for the shares works out to be 3.57% based on the current dividend payout. These shares will provide another $56 per year in payouts and an extra $28 +/- this year. It feels good to finally make a purchase after a long hiatus.


  1. Nice buy here!

    I recently added to my EMR holdings at right about the same price level. I feel, as you do, that $45 per share and less is an extremely attractive long-term price point for this company.

    Best wishes!

    1. It's definitely a good price with over a 3.50% yield. Wish I had more free capital to use but I have some put options that I sold that are tying some money up now. Later this month though I'll be transferring a good chunk to my account and hopefully get some more good buying opportunities.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope things are still going well. Despite being really busy.


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