Net Worth Update - October 2012

October was a pretty good month for my net worth but not as good as I had originally hoped for.  Most of the disappointment can be attributed to the stock market declines and the rest was from a little overspending.    For the month, I ended up with around a $8,150 increase.  Just over $3k came from contributions to my 401k, employer matching and my ESPP shares and the rest came from after-tax savings and changes due to the stock markets.

Current Assets: $154,738.79
Curent Liquid Assets: $60,345.82
Current Debts: -$16,975.43
Net Worth: $137,763.36

I'm still on target to pass the $150,000 net worth by the end of the year barring a total market collapse.  I have to average a $4,781.39 increase over November and December to break $150,000.  Just over $2,700 is already spoken for in 401k contributions, employer match and ESPP contributions with every day worked between now and November 20th adding to that total and another good chunk taken care of with my budgeted after-tax savings for November.  It's pretty amazing to see that I should far exceed the goal for my net worth at the beginning of the year.  My savings rate for October was 82.83% which was my 3rd highest for the year so far.  I now have 3 months with 80%+ savings rates which is crazy to see.  My average savings rate for the year increased to 76.65% from 75.96%.

My emergency fund currently sits at $8,972.03 which cover 6.29 months of my average minimum expenses for the year.

YTD my net worth has increased 100.34%.  For the month, my net worth increased 6.29%.


  1. wow man, I think you've found the magic formula for formulating a winning strategy. I'm not sure which is more aggressive, your offense or defense!

    It seems the two will only complement each other, further increasing the bottom line. I've been finding it quite difficult to achieve 80%+ savings rate. I'll have to work on that. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. FI,

      Yeah I'm lucky that I get paid really well. And the defense is so good because I'm gone a lot for work so I don't want to spend money on toys that I can't use. I know if I was home more I'd inflate my lifestyle some but thankfully I don't need much to be happy. Glad to be an inspiration. You're doing quite well yourself.

      I'm ready to get the chance to make some more purchases. I usually find myself out of money until the 15th of every month and then I get to go on a shopping spree, of course not the typical American shopping spree.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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