Walmart Moves Dividend Forward

Walmart (WMT) moved their next dividend payment forward from early January 2013 to December 27, 2012.  They did this to be help shareholders receive the payments before potential tax increases due to the fiscal cliff.  There's too many tax issues that they just don't see getting resolved so they moved the payment forward.  Other companies have announced plans to make their dividend payment earlier, but Walmart is by far the biggest company so far.


  1. Wow. Crazy stuff. I think some of this is a little overblown, but I guess there are bigger shareholders out there with bigger interests than you and I. They want to get paid their massive dividends while the rates are still low. For someone like me, the tax rate won't matter too much due to my income level.

    I hope this doesn't affect their dividend streak. This will be 5 dividend payouts this year, instead of the usual 4. I believe the streaks go by ex-divi dates, so they'll be okay. They are now only scheduled for three payouts next year. Interesting.

    Best wishes!

    1. DM,

      The earlier payment won't effect me really because of where I sit in the tax bracket plus the shares I own of WMT are in my Roth IRA anyways. But for the Walton family it'll make a huge difference if the tax rates are allowed to increase.

      I wouldn't consider this to effect the dividend streak. Like you I'm pretty sure it's based off ex-div dates and not the actual payments. If it did that'd be fine with me because you could see a selloff for no reason since all they did was make the dividend payment 6 days earlier than planned.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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