Saving on trash

Earlier this week my wife changed our trash pickup service companies.  We'll end up saving significantly over the the 3 month billing cycle.  Our last bill was for a little over $105 for the next 3 months of trash pickup twice a week.  With the new company we'll be paying around $63 for 3 months of service but pickup is only once per week.  We don't normally accumulate enough trash to justify twice a week pickup so it was nice that she found a way for us to save on our trash.  It isn't a huge savings but we'll end up keeping around $170 more over the course of the year.

It's good for everyone to take a look at your bills, especially recurring ones to determine whether you're getting full use out of them.  In this case it would be just as easy to just stockpile our trash since we don't have full pickups anyways and save by only getting one pickup per week.


  1. No job on the savings. It feels good to save on recurring bills and every dollar counts. $170 may not seem like a lot but if you think about the value of stock you'd need to produce $170 per year it gives you another perspective. You'd need $4250 worth of stock at 4% interest.

    I'm not sure what area you are in but the only places I've lived, there hasn't been another options for trash pickup. It has always been Waste Management.

    1. That's true, $4250 at 4% is a lot to have invested just to pay the trash bill. That's now $170 less per year that we'll need to have covered.

      Where I live Waste Management runs the landfill but there's a few companies that provide pickup service and I assume haul it to the WM landfill. I've actually seen a few Republic trucks in the area, although I'm not sure if they have a landfill or use WM's as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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