Net Worth Update - December 2012

December turned out to be a really good month for my net worth considering my income was lower than the last few months and the markets didn't help out too much.  For the month I ended up with just over a $9,200 increase. About $930 was from 401k contributions and the company match, while the rest came from my ESPP withholding ($678.00), after-tax savings, interest, dividends and market fluctuation.

Current Assets: $172,927.61
Curent Liquid Assets: $77,050.06
Current Debts: -$16,975.43
Net Worth: $155,952.18

The markets cooperated just enough to let me pass $150k for my net worth.  Considering my goal for the year was to reach a $100k net worth, turns out that was a little short-sighted, I blew past that goal.  For the year I had a total increase in my net worth of over $87,150, a 126.80% increase.  I didn't think I'd be able to make progress like this when I started the year, but now that I have a full year under my belt and have a better baseline I'm setting my sights higher for 2013.  December's net worth ended up increasing 6.27% over November's final tally.

My after-tax savings rate for December ended up at 76.55%.  This was below what I was hoping for but I can't complain too much with over a 75% rate.  The emergency fund took a hit in December thanks to some expenses that I wasn't expecting to make.  The laptop at the house and my cell phone both went out and needed to be replaced.  I could have gotten cheaper versions of both but splurged a bit on them because I wanted them both to be able to last for several years.  My emergency fund now sits at $8,040 which covers 5.63 months of my average minimum expenses for 2012.

I've updated my Progress page to reflect December's changes.


  1. Although it's not comprehensive nor fully customizable, I've enjoyed using NetWorthIQ to track my net worth for the past several years. Might be something that would allow you to visualize your progress over time.

    Congrats on blowing past the goal for 2012.

    1. Executioner,

      I might just add a chart to my spreadsheet to get a graph. I have all of the values so it'd be simple enough to do. Unfortunately I don't have the values for each category of my net worth per month, just my totals. That was something I thought of keeping track of but I was too far in that I didn't want to reconfigure my spreadsheet. I'll see about adding a visual of my net worth for those that think better in pictures than raw numbers.

      I'll have to check out NetWorthiq, funny, I just saw that mentioned on another blog as well.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You're killing it!! I wish I could grow my net worth that fast!

    1. Marvin,

      Thanks! Keep it up and you'll get there! The biggest determinant is being able to stay focused and committed.

      It really is a blessing. I'm glad I happened to stumble into this job since it pays as well as it does. The big downside is that I'm away from home, but as long as I'm using the time right and not just blowing the money then it's worth it to me. I figure on the earliest side I could reach FI in 5 years. I'll trade 5 years of being inconvenienced for potentially 50 years of freedom.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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