Becton, Dickinson And Company: Expect More Cash To Head To Shareholders

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Becton, Dickinson and Company (BDX) is a leader in the healthcare and medtech space. BDX is number one across a broad range of healthcare subcategories.

The substantial acquisitions over the last few years levered up BDX's balance sheet which has hampered dividend growth over that time. However, the de-levering process is nearing completion which frees up cash flow for more productive uses such as further R&D and innovation as well as faster dividend growth and a return of share repurchases.

Dividend History

The dividend growth strategy is the one that most appealed to me when I began my investment journey. The idea behind the strategy is to (1) find quality businesses that (2) pay and grow their dividend payments over time.

Becton Dickinson Dividend History

Image by author; data source Becton, Dickinson & Company Investor Relations

According to the CCC list, BDX is a Dividend Champion with 49 consecutive years of dividend growth. That's an impressive streak that dates back to 1973 and has lasted throughout all sorts of business, economic and geopolitical calamities.

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