Badger Meter: Filing This One Away For A Big Drop $BMI

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Badger Meter (NYSE:BMI) is an experienced competitor in the water measurement and quality industry. They have been providing solutions and expanding capabilities for over 100 years. Badger Meter primarily sells various types of water meters that are focused on serving various water utilities.

Badger Meter is also largely aimed at the United States market which represented around 86% of sales through the first two quarters of 2022. Management has targeted international expansion by expanding into the Middle East, Mexico, Europe, Canada, and Asia.

To go along with the meters, Badger Meter also offers software solutions that aid utilities in leak detection as well as more visibility into the water usage and demands throughout the distribution networks. Additionally the software suite allows for utility customers to view an manage their water usage.

In addition to various flow meters, Badger Meter also serves industrial customers with their real-time water quality and flow measurement solutions.

Badger Meter isn't exactly a glamorous business; however, it's proven to have staying power while continuing to expand their offerings through their expertise and relationships with their customers.

Dividend History

Dividend growth investing is the strategy that I gravitated towards when first began investing in individual companies. I'm always on the lookout for new potential businesses that can be added to my portfolio and one of the first things I check is whether a company has a history of both paying and growing their dividends.

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Badger Meter: Filing This One Away For A Big Drop $BMI

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