Dividend Update - November 2015

It's the end of one month and the beginning of another so it's time for my favorite update: my dividend update.  These dividend updates reflect all dividends that I receive through my investing pursuits. I hope they can help inspire you to take control of your own finances and invest to build a passive income stream. What you use that stream for is up to you, whether it's to fund early retirement, just provide some FI/FU money, or even to provide for an annual vacation; the key is that it can provide options and open up all sorts of possibilities. You can check my dividend income or progress pages to see what dedication to an investment plan can give you.

November's dividend haul was a nice bump up from October's relative disappointment.  I received a total of $418.63 in dividends in my FI Portfolio during the month.  I also received $3.31 in my Loyal3 Portfolio bringing my total taxable account dividends to $421.94.  There's also a small Roth IRA which unfortunately saw no dividend during the month.  Across my taxable accounts, FI Portfolio and Loyal3 Portfolio, I've received $5,177.92 in dividends YTD which is well above the $4,557.17 received throughout 2014.

FI Portfolio

My FI Portfolio haul showed a steady, but unspectacular, increase of 2.5% from August 2015.  The quarter over quarter increase came solely from dividend raises and a few select dividend reinvestments.  The year over year comparison looks much better showing 18.3% growth.  For personal reasons I unfortunately had to slow down the pace of my investing with my last purchase coming in July of this year.  The slowing of new capital purchases made for a smaller year over year increase than I would like; however, regular investing should resume shortly.  Year to date I've received $5,065.31 in dividends.

Loyal3 Portfolio

My Loyal3 Portfolio showed some rather impressive increases with the quarter over quarter increase amounting to 175.8% and the year over year comparison coming to 131.5%.  Although that's coming off extremely small bases of $1.20 and $1.43, respectively.  The discrepancy from the two comparisons is due to the former Kraft Foods Group (KRFT) making their 4Q2014 payment in October last year and the Kraft-Heinz Company (KHC) making their 4Q2015 payment in November.  Year to date I've received $112.61 in dividends within my Loyal3 Portfolio.

Roth IRA Portfolio

Unfortunately my Roth IRA Portfolio saw no dividend payments during November.  That's to be expected though as the few companies owned within the Roth IRA pay dividends on a different schedule.  Year to date I've received $223.52 in dividends within my Roth IRA Portfolio.

Dividend Raises During the Month

A total of 3 of my holdings announced increases during November which is dividend growth investing at its finest.  You mean a company I own a piece of, albeit tiny, wants to pay out more of their profits to me just because I own part of the company?  Sign me up!  Emerson Electric (EMR) started off the month with a 1.1% raise.  McDonald's joined in as well with a 4.7% increase and Becton, Dickinson & Company (BDX) (Valuation Analysis Here) was the star with a 10.0% increase.  Combined the dividend increases added $29.74 to my forward dividends without me doing anything extra.

Looking Forward

My forward 12-month dividends for my FI Portfolio are up to $6,028.58.  Forward dividends in my Loyal3 Portfolio ended the month at $60.35 bringing the total taxable account forward dividends to $6,088.92.  My Roth IRA's forward 12-month dividends held steady at $270.60.

Monthly Average

Below is the chart showing the monthly dividend totals for each year that I've been investing as well as the monthly average.  It's not always an increase as some companies have weird payout schedules and eventually some positions will get dropped, but the long-term trend is what matters.  My monthly average so far in 2015 is $460.48.  That's about an $81 increase from where my year to date average was at the end of 2014.  With more contributions/investments and expected dividend increases the gap should continue to widen.

Dividends Received Breakdown

FI Portfolio - Dividend Income
Company Dividend Amount DRIP Shares
Procter & Gamble (PG)  $45.35 --
AT&T (T) $24.01 --
Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) $111.41 --
Air Products & Chemicals (APD) $14.97 --
Realty Income (O) $17.47 --
HCP Inc. (HCP) $45.85 --
General Mills (GIS) (Full Analysis Here) $28.72 --
Verizon (VZ) $24.30 --
Starbucks (SBUX) $11.24 --
YUM Brands (YUM) $19.37 --
Deere & Company (DE) $36.15 --
Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) $39.79 1.236
November Total $418.63
2015 YTD Total $5,065.31

I've updated my Dividend Income page to reflect November's changes.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles on FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

How did your dividends do in November?  With one month left for the year are you on track to meet or surpass your goals?


  1. Hey that's a great month and you surpassed 5K for the year, congrats. One more month to go, and I too am hoping to break some records this year in passive income. Good luck

    1. EL,

      $5k in dividends for the year has been a long time coming and it's exciting to see. December is going to be a great month for dividends and I'll be close to setting a personal best for one month. Best of luck closing out 2015 on a strong note.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The Golden Arches raised again?!? I'm kicking myself a little for not nibbling when they were beaten up.

    1. FV,

      The raise was small but in line with what I expected. Especially considering the transition/makeover their going through right now. I was tempted to add more while they were unloved as well but they already made up a good portion of my portfolio and my dividends so I held off.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Solid results and nice growth too in your passive income. I see we share about five names and see see that KMI was a big payer for you in November. Of course, that stock is the talk of the day and it will be interesting to see what many of the DGI bloggers will do regarding their holdings. In the past when I experience a dividend cut I simply held on to all my stock. The cuts came in from GE, WFC and IR during the "Great Recession." The businesses did not fundamentally change so I kept them all. I think the business of oil is still the same for the foreseeable future, just hitting a major snag presently. Thanks for sharing your results!

    1. DivHut,

      It was a good month for dividends but the KMI news definitely brought a sour note to December. As of now I plan to hold my shares of KMI. The losses are too steep at this point and the company is on much more stable ground with extremely valuable and necessary pipeline assets. Our reliance on O&G isn't going anywhere soon.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love your blog PSI! Could you potentially to a post on Spectra Energy? I feel like it is a great purchase at its current price and high dividend yield and wanted to know your thoughts on it. Thanks!


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